Log In Register. T5 in a V8. T9 in lower horsepower apps. Toyota T50 dog boxes I've only very shortly looked at and it seemed they were quite pricey. Fuck FWD. Go to Drenth and check out the affordability of the VW 02A gearboxes. Gemini makes them too. Please Login or Register to post a reply. Quote john vanlandingham Quote DirkaDirkaJack so back to the original question, so far you can get cheap dogboxes for: some I4 ford motor Next up M3?

The cheapest box will be one you fine used somewhere. That included a short final drive and a limited slip. Quote DirkaDirkaJack so back to the original question, so far you can get cheap dogboxes for: some I4 ford motor Jon Burke. And you're talking about real racecar shit, with vendors that offer a wide variety of parts, easy to get, common, NA or FI, Big displacemnt 4 cyls, 2.

Whether they come from a mustang or a camaro. Oh hey, cool. Coming at this as a roadrace guy, so grain of salt and all that jazz; I have done a bit of research on this over the years though. Cheapest dogbox in my experience is going to be something used from someone tired of screwing with the damn thing. I'm a Mazda guy, and picked up an 80s vintage ex-something-or-other-Pro-level Leeson Mandeville crashbox for something like grand, and then pulled my hair out at trying to figure out what in the linkage is different enough from the OEM Mazda stuff to make it keep sticking in gear.

Or the actual factory race gearboxes come up for sale every so often, but they've been out of production for years themselves. The factory race boxes are evidently pretty nice though, and from looking at gear sizes, either probably will hold a lot more power than the smoothcase gearboxes. And it's not like bellhousings are complicated to fab. Blah blah blah, close ratio synchro gearsets available for stuff too, etc and so on. And I'm totally leaving aside questions of suitability or necessity to people who know better.

The only 'stock' part is the case and the bearings, clips, bolts, etc. Everything else is replaced and upgraded. I recently put one in a customer's S synchro version and it went well. Minor service parts are at the local ford dealer.

I've also done a Jerico in an autocross RX-7, but it is more expensive, harder to fit, 4 speeds, though indestructible. A different class of transmission, for sure. Andris Please Login or Register to post a reply. Quote NoCoast Gemini makes them too. Muncie or Richmond 4 speed have alot of dog options. It evolved into other boxes and is still widely used in Australian SuperCar. I looked into it for my chevelle, it wasnt too bad I wanna say high 2's for all the gears.

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cheapest dog box

Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum. Click here to login.Skip to main content Aluminum Dog Boxes. Fits the 50 and 80 dogs perfectly. See All Buying Options. My shiba inu, who can work himself out of wire crates and plastic airline crates was not a fan of this crate.

If you have a dog whom is calm in the crate this one is great if you want a metal one. Now this might seem a bit pricey in the beginning but in the end this Kennel is highly durable, Easy to clean and exceptionally functional with the large storage area on the top I highly recommend this product to anyone needing a large kennel for 2 dogs.

St. Pete PAWS

This unit carries my 2 Newfoundland's and they love it! This dog box is well made but the picture is decieving due to when the box arrived there was not a bottom. That should be included in the description. If I had know that the box had no floor I would not have purchased this particular box. Owens Dog Box. The actual product is pretty great. We have a Basenji-mix approx 65lbs escape artist and I decided to buy this crate hoping it would finally contain him properly.

My husband added additional latches on to the crate because the lock isn't exceptional for an escape artist dog like mine though fine for its intended use. So far he has yet to escape it. For anyone with escape dogs, feel free to contact me with a question about the kennel or the addition we made to secure it more. Major downfall for me, I received the crate with a dent in it. Obviously, it isn't ideal to have that happen though it wasn't problematic for use. It is so difficult with how shiny the kennel is for photos This came on time and as advertised.

Great deal and cheaper than you can buy it at Cabala's. Very nice dog box that fits in the back of my Honda Pioneer, and very light, I can move it around easily.

I have a German Shorthair and the dog fits in the box just fine.See More See Less. Comment on Facebook. Putkonen Motorsport new car getting ready for Rallycross Finnish national champhionship. Toyota Starlet with Wankel engine and GearMotive dogbox. Lovely car and no doubt a quick too! Repost - Isokorpi customs finished the new car and got it for the first run! The car is much based on good features from the old car, but Kaukonen has also made some solid upgrades.

One of the upgrades were the new GearMotive 5spd dogbox transmission!

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ZF dogbox has been fitted to JZ engine using an adapter plate and custom flywheel kit. Kaukonen is a person that every drifter knows in Finland.

Tsekkaa ehdottomasti auton uusi look ja esittelyvideo. Ingear Performance and GearMotive have cooperated to get this car running the T50 dogbox. Viking's machine - le drakkar de drift - I've always thought, the vikings are only met in Scandinavian area.

I was wrong! One of our Nordic friends must have lost in his viking boat trip to Southern Europe, France and has preferred to stay there in a warmer climate instead.

Days have passed in France by enjoying the great views, delicious food and wine It's been a pleasure to get to know Mathieu from Viking's machine drift team. Mathieu's company will also be a supplier for our products in drifting and rally later this year. Mathieu is a very nice guy, who is easy to deal with.

t50 dog box

Mathieu has a background in both racing classes and can help with your gearbox needs for many different racing purposes. J'ai le plaisir de vous presenter notre nouveau partenaire pour la saison et plus!

GearMotive ja Raceosa. Suomen kovin pajottaja valittiin lopulta arpomalla ja onni suosi arvonnassa Martti Matikaista! Parhaimillaan huolsi kolmea autoa kisassa.

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Ehdoton suositus vaimolta Malisen Mikolle. View more comments. McCrae from New Zealand trusting Finnish products in his race car. Car goes very nicely in New Zealandic gravel roads. Meanwhile we're waiting for this global situation getting better and races starting again, we can enjoy watching these videos from the past.

Mark Travers - GearMotive dogbox - AE86

Hope everyone is doing well!Petersburg a place where pets are happy, healthy and welcome. It shines a light on the unconditional love animals give and promotes compassion for all our two-legged and four-legged neighbors.

Petersburg is a city where pets are welcome and owners are caring, nurturing guardians working together to provide safe and secure environments. Mayor's Pet-Friendly Business Application. Businesses that serve food are still required to obtain a Dog Dining permit through the Planning and Economic Development Department.

More information and application can be found here. Pet-friendly communities thrive when pet owners are responsible and respectful.

In addition to picking up and disposing of dog waste, follow these rules to ensure safe, welcoming communities. Community Services Department P. Box St. Petersburg, FL Businesses are invited to apply for the Mayor's Pet-Friendly Business program to take part in the movement to make St.

Pete a place where pets are happy, healthy and welcome. Document Center. Get in touch. Signup for Updates. Pet-Friendly Map. Pet-Friendly Events.Tori is a year-old, three-time animal mom and DIYer living in Northern Atlanta with her boyfriend. We used to live in a house.

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When we lived in the house, we would take our dog, Parker, out on a walk twice a day and take her in the backyard for short potty breaks in between walks. When we downsized to an apartment a few months ago, it was a little bit of an adjustment. The apartment we moved into is on the ground level, so we have a screened-in patio with a fenced outdoor patio attached, but unfortunately, the outdoor patio does not give us any exits to the grassy areas, so we can't let her out without taking her on a full-blown walk.

I decided I wanted an outdoor porch potty for her on the patio, to make it easier to let her out quickly if she needs to go in between her twice daily walks. All of the ones I saw online were really expensive, so I decided to make one myself! I used the structure from this youtube video as a guide as far as the design was concerned, but did different sizing and modified a few steps to fit my needs a little better.

In this article, I'll show you exactly how I built my porch potty as well as all of the tools and materials I used so that you can copy this at home and make it yourself! Each of the supplies I've listed below is exactly what I used for this project. I built the porch potty so that any and all liquid would pass right through the sod, into the waterproofed box, to a drainpipe that let out into the grass just outside our patio.

If you don't attach some sort of drainage system, your sod will not last as long because it's just soaking up dog pee and will probably smell really bad and fill up quickly!

Feel free to modify this plan how you see fit based on your needs.

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For example - if you live on a second floor apartment building and not ground floor, you may have to figure out a different solution for the drainage pipe depending on your situation. The tools mentioned below are mostly tools we already owned, except for the drill bits, which were suggested by the nice man in the tools section at Home Depot! I'm including them here for your reference, to make your life a little easier and to ensure that you have access to the same results I did while building this porch potty, in case building things isn't quite your forte but you want to try it.

The first step to this process is buying all of your supplies, particularly the lumber you will need. A few notes:. If you choose to use untreated wood for this project, you will absolutely need to paint or stain the wood to protect it from mildew and rotting. If you choose to use wood that is treated for out doors, you don't necessarily need to paint or stain, but it may not look as nice!

I recommend doing this step before you start any assembly, though you could wait till already assembled if you want to. All you need to do is sand the 2x6's and 1x4's using or higher grit sand paper if you have a palm sander this step will be super easy.

Then apply the paint or stain using the appropriate brush or cloth. If you're looking for some recommedations, I like Minwax stains - and if you use these, make sure to cover with coats of polyurethane as the stain is only for color and will not protect the wood.

For more steps on applying stain properly, refer to this post here which goes more in depth. If you choose the paint route, my favorite is Rustoleum's Painters Touch Latex Paints, which give really great one-coat coverage.

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Take the 2x6 boards and lay them out in a square on your workspace. You'll be attaching the short pieces to the inside edge of the long pieces as seen in picture belowso make sure they are lined up as such. Using 2 three inch nails per side and Phillips screw tip in your drill, attach the boards to each other.

This will strip the screw completely and you won't be able to get the screw all the way in or take it out. If you're using the same Milwaukee impact set I have listed, it has a flatter Phillips screw tip which allows for more grip in the screw and decreased chance for stripping. Now, it's time to cut your drainage hole. Decide which part of the frame you would like for your drainage pipe to exit from.Im really unsure where to put this post but since this is more a question than item for sale i thought id put it here.

t50 dog box

Mods please move if in incorrect section. I know these are discontinued now but have only found a few referrences to there values on the web and they seem to vary. TRD Close range Gearbox 1st 2. At the end of the day it is just a t50 box. Its really worth what someone is willing to pay for it. A lot of money for a T50 sure, but you can't argue with the quality. What condition is the 4.

It's condition determines it's worth. I dont know about the TRD T50 gear set, but in my opinion, most people upgrade from T50s cause they are not really strong, and not because of its ratios. The TRD gearset might have better ratios, but it's still going to be T50 strength For a mild street car, it would be a nice box My 2c.

It'd be an annoying box in a street car, the thing wont launch well unless you feather it and punish the clutch. First gear is normally 3. Its an awesome box but probably not the most suitable for a daily. No plans on selling the box anytime soon as you cant just buy one and it is in excellent condition. I was just curious as to its value as I stumbled across some interesting figures on the net.

t50 dog box

Thanks for the feedback regardless gents. Price depends more on condition than what the parts actually are, exotic or not, if its worn out its scrap metal. I think some of the gearsets are dog engagement and some normal, so it depends what you have in that regard also. Dog gears although loud would be sought after being stronger.R35 GTR front diff build. C clip mod to make sure 4th gear holds up to the torque, our selector rail bush modification to prevent detent balls from popping out, billet fork, shot peened and ISF micropolished gears and all new synchros and bearings.

We have a pretty exciting year of product development planned here at Neat Gearboxes. We will keep rolling out announcements as these products near completion. One such product is the long obsolete crown wheel and pinion set for Datsun and Nissan R "long nose" differential.

t50 dog box

They are nearly impossible to get even used. Extremely popular in classic Z cars, S12 and lots of Datsun applications. We are making a small batch of these to our specs: high quality steels; 12mm crown wheel bolt threads suit later LSDs but can be adapted to early ones ; profile ground teeth after heat treatment; shot peened and ISF micropolished.

Toyota T50 5-speed dogbox

DIN 5 level finish to give you an idea, the OEM lapped Nissan is DIN 8 - lower the number, the more refined the gear finish is, so these are a very high quality finish. The spider gears inside the centre diff starve for oil and seize on their bearing pins. This causes the pins to shear out of the housing and the eccentric force causes the pins to then grind their way through the aluminium bell housing.

That edge that looks like it's machined is where this seized pin has gouged it's way through to the point of almost cutting the housing in two cracks on the outside of the bellhousing.

This one is getting a new bellhousing, new pins and a modified centre to make it better than new. Aside from them being annoyingly difficult to get parts for, especially the earlier models, I really like these gearboxes. We might invest a bit of time and money into improving their main weak point 3rd gear dog ring cracking so that they can get used in more applications - anyone interested in a solution? Straight cut 4. Billet diff tube All new synchros.

Prevents massive damage to your housing, which essentially renders the whole gearbox a boat anchor. R 4th gear taper absolutely cooked. The synchro was melted. Just can't take the RPM the Rotary power plant can push. Probably time for a dog box.

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