Not able to exportgood people, USA. Wood, barrels, plus full inventory for Enfield No1 Mk3 and No4. Wood, plus full inventory for Enfield No1 Mk3 and No4. Lee Enfield; Click Here. Will ExportUSA. Very nice range of Enfield scope mounts, some with extra rails for No4 Enfields.

Does not export. Repro Enfield No1 Mk3 grenade launcher and Sten bayonets. Wide range for collectors and re-enactors. Parts, great range of Enfield rifles, world reknown for customer service, Enfield sniper rifles, Enfields on request, and overhauling no32 scopes.

Wood, Barrels. Lee Enfield rifles, parts. Military collectibles for sale incl. Lee Enfield rifles and militaria. New made reproduction parts for early, hard to find Enfield rifles. Lee Enfield rifles for sale also. Lee Enfield rifles, No5 Jungle Carbines 4 sale.

Large parts and militaria list for British, and other countries. Repro T scope mount. Joe Salter. Excellent classic and rare Lee Enfield rifles for sale. Excellent large site with Lee Enfield rifles and parts for sale. After market peep sights for Lee Enfield No1 Mk3. Re made classic rifles including Lee Enfield rifles. Los Angeles. Lee Enfield rifle parts plus a neat jungle carbine flash hider modified to reduce muzzle flip. Lee Enfield rifle parts list. Reprinted from All About Enfields.

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deer hunting with the lee enfield no4 mk1 303 british.

But again, a very stylised square S or the US flaming proof mark may well give it away.Home Log In. Manufacturers Please Select Advanced Techno. NcStar North Cape Publ. Featured Products All Products Replacement stock for the No4 Mk 1 Enfield Rifles.

Stock Only, Bipod and gun not included. Original Bayonet in Unissued condition. No Scabbard. This fits the No 4 Enfield Rifles. Original Enfield Bayonet for the No 4 Rifles.

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This bayonet does not include a scabbard. SMLE No. Stratton The British Enfield No. British Enfield Rifles Volume 2, No. Model of Rifles by Charles R. Stratton Charles R. Stratton continues his very Original Steel Buttplate for Enfield Rifles. These are in excellent condition. Load Rating 18 lbs. Original No4 Enfield Magazine in used condition. Picture is representative of magazine condition.

Original scabbards for the Enfield blade bayonets that fit the No 4 rifles. These scabbards also fit the jungle carbine and the L1A1 bayonets. This replaces the rear sight and stripper clip bridge with no permanent Displaying 1 to 22 of 22 products. Powered by Zen Cart. Parse Time: 0. Barrel, No 4 Enfield.

Magazine No4 Enfield. Replacement Wood set.In this section you will find a selection of non F. The majority of these spares will also be correct for other rifles in this series - the No. Where possible will will include in the description when spares are NOT suitable for these other rifles. However, if in any doubt please ask for clarification before making an order and we will be happy to advise you.

Most of the spares listed here will be where possible in new and unissued condition. Where they are part worn usually recovered from rifles or where doubt exists as to whether they are new or not, this will be included in the item description. Because we cannot be aware of your individual level of knowledge or expertise in the repair or restoration of rifles live or de-activated and have no control over where and how you will use them, we cannot be held responsible for any damage, injury or harm which may occasion from your purchase of these items and subsequent use or misuse of them.

We always advocate caution when working on firearms, whether 'live' or otherwise. These are original extractor sets for all. These are original, unissued and never fitted, walnut butts for the No. Produced to w. These are original unissued triggers for No. They are for all Mks of No4 Rifle. These are al. In point of fact these are Mk4 Rear Sig.

These are original hinged nosecap bands also refered to as 'Bands, Upper' or 'front bands' for the. They fit onto Foresight. These are original striker retaining screws for all Lee Enfield Rifles utilising the No4 series rece.

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These are original sears for the. The sears are in new or near new condit. These same pins are also the co. These are original, unopened stores boxes of 10, collars for the front trigger guard screws of. This is a complete set of original Mk3 foresight blades for the No. These are also suitab.

lee enfield no4 mk1 parts uk

These are original, as new, unissued, sear springs for the No. These are universal items. Lee Enfield No. Product Compare 0. Show: 15 25 50 75 Add to Cart. Enfield No.

Original, No4 Rifle Sear.A great example of a No. Good clean bore with defined rifling. In this excellent condition a very rare original Long Branch No. Features a blued finish, Markes BSA including Sling. Volley sight as shown with Magazine and great wood. Both wood and metalwork In reasonable condition throughout. Borescope shows the original barrel to be in excellent condition.

Lee Enfield

Purchase with confidence from a family run business with over 30 years experience. Made in in the Enfield factory with New Zealand service marks and the remains of a Volley sight. Purchase with confidence from a family ….

A Canadian made Long Branch No. Purchase with confidence from a family run business…. Having been fitted with a new stock in May Lee Enfield Mod. The L39A1 was half stocked and fitted with an Enfield hammer forged heavy barrel built on a No;4 MK2 action with the trigger mounted directly onto the receiver body, resulting in a crisper trigger…. Lee Enfield. Nikko Sterling Gold Crown x40 rifle scope. No Magazine. Great condition target rifle.

Shoots and groups well.Your shopping cart is currently empty. If you would like to make a purchase today, add items to your shopping cart. Search Term. Advanced Search. Enfield No4 target barrel Sporter Wood Furniture.

lee enfield no4 mk1 parts uk

Lee Enfield No4 woodwork set. Adjustable butt for target rifle. Enfield No4 target barrel Sporterised Stock and Butt. CR LE4 Sling swivel. No4 Mk1 sight. No4 Mk3 sight. No4 Mk4 sight. No4 Mk4 sight Canadian. Mk2 Rear Sight for Enfield No4. Rear Sight for No5. CR LE4 pin axis back sight. CR LE4 Spring, head catch. CR LE4 Blade fore sight. CR No4 Guard Trigger. Sight blades various sizes. CR Washer, Spring stock bolt. LE No4 Woodwork set. CR LE4 Screw blade foresight.

CR Screw Guard Trigger. CR LE4 lower band. CR No4 Pin Trigger.


BB LE1 Catch safety. LE1 BB Wad stock bolt. CR LE4 catch magazine. CR LE4 cap, stock, fore end. SMLE Magazine. Enfield No4 Magazine.

lee enfield no4 mk1 parts uk

CR Screw butt plate. No4 Brass Butt Plate.The Lee—Enfield is a bolt-actionmagazine -fed, repeating rifle that served as the main firearm used by the military forces of the British Empire and Commonwealth during the first half of the 20th century.

It was the British Army 's standard rifle from its official adoption in until It featured a ten-round box magazine which was loaded with the. As a standard-issue infantry rifle, it is still found in service in the armed forces of some Commonwealth nations, [13] notably with the Bangladesh Police, which makes it the second longest-serving military bolt-action rifle still in official service, after the Mosin—Nagant Mosin-Nagant receivers are used in the Finnish 7.

The Lee—Enfield rifle was derived from the earlier Lee—Metford, a mechanically similar black-powder rifle, which combined James Paris Lee 's rear-locking bolt system that had a barrel featuring rifling designed by William Ellis Metford.

The Lee action cocked the striker on the closing stroke of the bolt, making the initial opening much faster and easier compared to the "cock on opening" i.

The bolt has a relatively short bolt throw and features rear-mounted lugs and the bolt operating handle places the bolt knob just rearwards of the trigger at a favourable ergonomic position close to the operator's hand.

The action features helical locking surfaces the technical term is interrupted threading. This means that final head space is not achieved until the bolt handle is turned down all the way.

The British probably used helical locking lugs to allow for chambering imperfect or dirty ammunition and that the closing cam action is distributed over the entire mating faces of both bolt and receiver lugs. This is one reason the bolt closure feels smooth.

The rifle was also equipped with a detachable sheet-steel, round, double-column magazine, a very modern development in its day. Originally, the concept of a detachable magazine was opposed in some British Army circles, as some feared that the private soldier might be likely to lose the magazine during field campaigns.

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Early models of the Lee—Metford and Lee—Enfield even used a short length of chain to secure the magazine to the rifle. These design features facilitate rapid cycling and fire compared to other bolt-action designs like the Mauser. Several First World War accounts tell of British troops repelling German attackers who subsequently reported that they had encountered machine guns, when in fact it was simply a group of well-trained riflemen armed with SMLE Mk III rifles.

The Lee—Enfield was adapted to fire the. Experiments with smokeless powder in the existing Lee—Metford cartridge seemed at first to be a simple upgrade, but the greater heat and pressure generated by the new smokeless powder wore away the shallow, rounded, Metford rifling after approximately rounds.

The Lee—Enfield rifle was introduced in November as the. The SMLE's visual trademark was its blunt nose, with only the bayonet boss protruding a small fraction of an inch beyond the nosecap, being modelled on the Swedish Model Cavalry Carbine.In this section you will find a selection of items either specifically issued for Lee Enfield rifles, or that are included in the Complete Equipment Schedules CES for specialist rifles.

Also included here are civilian articles produced commercially for Lee Enfields and Lee Enfield tools. Unless specifically stated in the article description, all items are original.

Descriptions are —as always - given to the best of our ability. Below you will find 'common' items such as cleaning kits, or odd items that do not fit easily into the subsections. If in doubt as to what you need it can get terribly complicated!

Enfield Rifle Stocks Parts and Enfield Rifle Accessories On Sale.

These are new made striker wrenches for all but a few early Lee Enfield bolt action rifles, includ. These are original Extractor Claws for the. These extractor. These are original. The foresight on the No.

These are original issue. These are original Mk4 pattern. Designed to carry 5 rounds of. These are original, British Army issue, Mk.

Designed as a replacement for the brass Mk. These are keys, or screwdrivers, for use on the No4 Rifle foresight blade screw, as fitted to the 's. These are reproduction, front volley sight pointer sets for. These sets are made f. These reproduction leather slings are made for DS Solutions.

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